5 brand new interesting dating resources

Today I’ll describe to you about the 5 most interesting dating  products, that truthfully have given something new to the dating industry. Such resources have proven that newcomers can succeed among the large dating companies.



The  first site is  Lively for its good promo site and app design as well as for the idea of the moving story. It allows you to make video of yourself; if you are matched with somebody, you can watch the video of your partner. Also, the synchronization with social networks allows you to use photos from anywhere. That is really something new and exciting for users.  Currently it is only available in the app store.


2.Good Deed Dating

As can be seen from the name, this resource combines good deeds with dates, bringing together kindhearted single people to engage in volunteering activities whilst meeting new like-minded companions. As the creators say on their website “We plant the seed of a common goal and watch meaningful relationships blossom”.  So, how does it work? You sign up, check out   the offered events, buy a ticket and join other single people. The idea is great, but the only way to check it is to buy a ticket and become a volunteer.



This dating app uses users’ video profiles, allowing you to make 7 second videos of yourself.  This app is unique, because it lets the users express themselves, which can be difficult if just using photographs. When 2 users “like” each other, they are matched, and the app opens a chat for them. Currently, it is only available in the app store, but the website creators have promised to release it for Android.  


4.Concealed Carry Match

Finally the gun lovers have a safe place, where they fall in love with each other and each other’s guns. ConcealedCarryMatch.com saves you from a tedious task of visiting page after page, looking for the answer to the most important question for gun lovers: Do you like the guns as much as I do?  This site brings together people interested in guns; if you are not one of them, you have nothing to do there. Well, and the most important thing is that it is clearly safe on dates  : )


5.Luv Byrd

LuvByrd is designed for people who prefer outdoor activity. It allows you to seek for a match, basing on specific outdoor interests, from the skiing, road cycling, beach volleyball or bird watching.  Of course it doesn’t mean that people immediately go camping without knowing you,  but you’ll know exactly  that you are  like-minded. The website and app are tastefully done, not to mention their cute logotype. The app is available in the App Store and for Android.

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